Bring that professional touch
to your small gatherings.

ROKKBOX is your one-stop-shop for any event. This curated line of décor boxes supplies you with the accompaniments you need to create a beautiful tablescape - elevating your gathering with a breathtaking ambience met with minimal effort and reusable pieces.

Brought to you by event design professionals, ROKKBOX teaches you how to host like a pro. From napkins and name cards to candles and florals, ROKKBOX has everything you need and all in one place. Go ahead, wow your guests and your budget.


Female owned. Female founded.

We are Bianca and Karla, two creatives that come from completely different corners of the industry, and different coasts. Our lives revolve around events, design, and people. So we decided to make the perfect product that incorporates all of that, met with ease, beauty and functionality. Together we've built a one-stop-shop box that equips you with all the accoutrement needed to elevate any gathering.

I, Bianca, grew up in Los Angeles and began my career in PR and brand management, focusing on philanthropic efforts with well-known corporations such as Google, Univision and Viacom, as well as assisting efforts for action-driven organizations run by leaders such as Michelle Obama and Bryan Stevenson.

And I, Karla, grew up in New York City studied Interior Design at University of Cincinnati and have spent the last 5 years perfecting the art of event design, working with companies such as Delta Airlines, Heiniken, Etsy, Variety Magazine, and others where I learned the importance of brand inclusion as well as creating a beautiful, interactive space.

Our goal is to make extravagant gatherings attainable and affordable. Host like a pro with ROKKBOX. 

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